Clean Water

Water Quality in the Raritan Bay

Everyone deserves a clean and safe local waterway. Due to polluted stormwater runoff and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs), our Estuary waters experience high levels of bacteria that make swimming unsafe.


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2016 Raritan Bay Water Quality Testing

NY/NJ Baykeeper received a grant from the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Program to test 9 sites along the NJ Bayshore for pathogen indicators throughout the summer of 2016.

Click here for our final report.

Click here for our results spreadsheet per sampling event.

All results are conditional. Questions? Contact Meredith Comi.

Swim Guide

Swim Guide offers water quality information for a wide variety of beaches, ranging from city parks to remote lakes ideal for camping. Every beach is marked with an icon so you know when the water at your favorite beach meets government water quality standards.

Water quality information is gathered from government agencies or reported by Swim Guide affiliates themselves. In any beach, look at the “Source” section. This will tell you who samples the water at each beach, how often, and what water quality standards apply. The date and time stamps tell you when the sample results were last verified by the Swim Guide affiliate.

Just visit the Swim Guide website for the latest water quality information!