Passaic River

Lower Passaic River Cleanup

The Diamond Alkali/Tierra Solutions/Occidental Chemical Superfund site on the Passaic River and Newark Bay is the most dioxin contaminated water site in the country. NY/NJ Baykeeper is co-chair of the Passaic River Superfund Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) which provides advice and cleanup and restoration recommendations to the Environmental Protection Agency and its Partner Agencies.  NY/NJ Baykeeper fights to hold all pollution contributors legally responsible for the harmful damage at the  Superfund site.

In March 2016, EPA released the final cleanup plan for the Passaic River. The cleanup will be a bank-to-bank dredge of 3.5 million cubic yards of contaminated sediment removed from the lower 8 miles of the River. The sediment will be disposed offsite and out of state. The cleanup will cost the responsible polluters $1.38 billion – NOT the taxpayers. The plan will be beneficial in long term effectiveness, will reduce toxicity, ecological impacts, and risk to human health. Learn more here. 

In October 2016, Occidental Chemical agreed to pay $165M towards the start of the river cleanup. This is a good first step, but now the rest of the polluters need to step up and take responsibility for their toxic legacy instead of paying for fish swaps as a way to distract from their obligation to the community!