Kevin Moore is the Founder of the Urban Environmental Group. Kevin has over 20 years of experience in urban environmental issues, involving local, regional and national advocacy, engagement strategies and technical capacity for EJ (environmental justice), in under-served communities.

Starting as project director for the Weequahic Park Association’s, Weequahic Lake Restoration Program (an EJ issue), is to date, Newark, NJ’s largest community-driven park and ecological restoration program. His for-profit experience, as the director of public and government affairs, for Bluefield Holdings, Inc., a Wall Street funded initiative, was to develop industrial scale rainharvesting projects designed to offset environmental liability, including the development of an Environmental Justice Metric.

He’s consulted for the Hudson County Department of Planning, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions for; urban open space, food security and minority participation in “green” and “geo-science” careers. He is committed to giving voice to those suffering the disproportionate burden of environmental degradation to enhance their “quality of life,” increase capacity and educate “the next generation of urban environmental voices.”