Green Infrastructure

Doing Infrastructure Green

NY/NJ Baykeeper actively promotes Low Impact Design, or Green Infrastructure, to divert stormwater from sewer systems in order to reduce combined sewer overflows. Green infrastructure, such as rain gardens, rain barrels, green roofs, and other components, capture or slow down stormwater so that it can be reused, soak into the ground, or evaporate.

Baykeeper funded the design and capital equipment for a Low Impact Development project in a community garden in Newark that, for the first time, utilizes stormwater capture for on-site irrigation needs. Rainwater is collected from adjacent rooftops and pervious surfaces in the garden and stored in an underground cistern. The water is then hand pumped by local school children to water the plants and vegetables.

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Municipal Action Teams 

NY/NJ Baykeeper is actively involved in Newark DIG (Doing Infrastructure Green), Paterson SMART, and Perth Amboy SWIM which are all coalition groups aimed at advocating and organizing  green Infrastructure improvements and initiatives throughout the CSO communities.

Resources: Click the below brochures for important Green Infrastructure tips and CSO information: