NY/NJ Baykeeper Fights Big Polluters

For the past 100 years, Exxon’s petroleum waste pollution within its Linden and Bayonne sites has destroyed approximately 1,700 acres of delicate salt marsh, freshwater wetlands, upland meadows, and streams. These two sites represent the largest hazardous waste sites in NJ. The Bayonne site alone has over 7 million gallons of oil floating on top of ground water.

The damage caused by Exxon was estimated to cost $8.9 billion, according to NJ Department of Environmental Protection, for the excavation, restoration, off-site mitigation, and compensation for lost public resources.

NY/NJ Baykeeper filed to intervene in the case but the court denied our request. However our attorneys at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) were allowed to participate in the oral arguments as a “friend of the court.”  We argued that it is important that the public’s voice be heard and that wetlands, waterways and habitat are restored. Unfortunately, the court upheld the proposed settlement despite overwhelming public opposition.

Thanks to you, we generated 2,532 comments from New Jersey residents opposing the $225 million settlement.

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