Governor Christie Pocket Vetoes S.831: Sewage Right to Know Bill

We are very disappointed that Governor Christie does not care if you fish, swim, kayak, or play in raw sewage. Governor Christie declined to sign S.831: Sewage Right to Know Bill before it expired this week. The Sewage Right to Know bill would have alerted New Jersey residents when raw sewage is in our local waters so we can protect our health. The bill had broad bi-partisan support and passed by a landslide in the Legislature. The EPA estimates that 23 billion gallons of sewage overflow every year but New Jersey residents will not be alerted thanks to the Governor's veto.

We continue to be baffled as to why Governor Christie would not sign this bill. If you would like to ask him why, please feel free to call Governor Christie's office at 609-292-6000 and ask why the public doesn't deserve to know when raw sewage is released into our waters.

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