Weston Mill Dam Removal

This dam removal will open the Millstone River to free movement of American shad, hickory shad, alewife and blueback herring that were found in such numbers that they supported a commercial fishery in the 19th century. This dam physically stopped migrations of anadromous fish, (species that live in salt water but return to fresh water to spawn). Dams alter river conditions effecting siltation, temperature, plant growth and cause stagnant conditions during the summers. The removal of this dam will open 4.5 miles of the Millstone River to the Blackwells Mills Dam.

All four dams have been removed without the use on any tax payer dollars. The funding of the dam removals has been the result of State natural resource damage settlements with companies that have contributed to the pollution in the Raritan Basin in the past.

Bill Schultz

Raritan Riverkeeper