Millions of Plastics are Afloat in our Waterways

February 9, 2016

NY/NJ Baykeeper is pleased to announce our completed NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Plastic Collection Report! This report is the first examination of plastic pollution within waters surrounding New York City.

Based on our estimates, at least 165 million plastic particles are floating within NY-NJ Harbor Estuary waters at any given time. That's about 256,322 per square kilometer! Plastics in our waters harm habitat, fish, and other wildlife and may be traveling up to the human food chain. Click here to view the report and learn more about what's in our waterways.

Change starts with you

Together, we can all make a difference to reduce and eliminate plastic pollution to restore our waterways for future generations to enjoy. At the end of the report, you will find tips to cut out single-use plastics from your life, and replace with reusable materials.

Going forward, we will continue collecting water samples and advocating for policy that will remove harmful single-use plastic products!

Sandra Meola

Communications and Outreach Associate

[email protected]