Tell Governor Murphy: Protect NJ Against Another Ida!

As we approach the first anniversary of Hurricane Ida, marking a weekend when 30 New Jerseyans tragically lost their lives, the Murphy Administration has not fulfilled promises made to issue an emergency flood rule.

An emergency rule could raise the flood zone by two feet and prevent future development. In doing so, this would protect vulnerable communities in flood plains from another Ida.

What’s more is that New Jersey is basing its flood potential knowledge on data collected before 1999, which doesn’t take into account bigger storms coming with climate change.

NY/NJ Baykeeper and 30 other groups are urging Governor Murphy to stop delaying and adopt strong land use regulations immediately, but we need you!

Tell Governor Murphy that we need action NOW to put people’s lives over developer’s profits!

Call 609-292-6000 or send an email by clicking the link below.

Send an Email to Governor Murphy

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Dear Governor Murphy,

I urge you to adopt emergency NJPACT rules to prevent new developments in flood prone areas and make our state’s stormwater mitigation rules more effective. New Jersey cannot afford more delays. Hurricane Ida wasn’t the first destructive storm in the last 10 years and and it won’t be the last. We need to better protect our communities, business, and human life and an emergency rule can do just that.

Thank you for all you do,

Greg Remaud

Baykeeper and CEO

NY/NJ Baykeeper